Pat Testing: Safety Comes First

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You know when this benefit was introduced in 1952; long-term care wasn’t such an important issue. Families stayed identical. Not so many children went away to college, and then farther away for their careers. Things were easy enough Portable appliance testing .

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Power cords such as Computer IEC cables or mains extension leads need three tests carried on them during PAT Testing. Considering the basic Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and the Polarity tryout. The latter test checks that the Live and Neutral wires are correctly connected.

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The Earth Continuity test is sometime referred to as the earth Bond test or the earth Resistance review. In effect they all measure that you have a good connection concerned with the mains plug and everything point. The average way to include out programs are due to is to plug the appliance into a PAT Tester and clip the Test lead any suitable earth point.

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